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Must have wedding pictures

As a wedding photographer I’m a member of few Facebook Groups like: DIY brides UK; Weddings, Brides, Dresses And More Original; UK BRIDES 2020; WEDDING ADVICE and CHAT UK; North West Weddings. I have noticed that a question that often comes up is “what are the must have pictures on my wedding day”. The answer to this question is different for everyone and depends on personal preference but I’ll summarise some of the things to consider here. Of course, there are a few standards pictures that everyone enjoys like portraits of the bride, groom, couple (both posed and candid) and ceremony pictures, getting ready candid images and detail shots of the clothing, flowers and table decorations.

The best practise is to sit down with your photographer before the big day and write a few ideas down on paper and make a list of what’s important to both of you. In addition to these standard images, consider:

Grandad’s picture who is no longer with us, a gift from family member from Australia who could not make it, or Grandma’s bracelet handed down many generations.

Have guests travelled a particularly long way to attend, or have guests made a particular effort due to illness.

Are children playing a part in the ceremony or is the dog being the ring bearer?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these then your list of pictures is taking shape.

In addition, why not make a list of scenes you’d like your photographer to capture on your wedding day. These can be group shots that are important to you; bride and mum; groom and parents; couples with their children, university or work friends and the rest of the rugby team! Also detail rich images that focus on the wedding dress, flowers, dynamic confetti showers, your first kiss, guests enjoying the wedding day, and the couple in the wedding car.

Prior to the wedding day, I encourage a consultation meeting where we can discuss all the picture ideas for your big day that are mentioned above. Together we will create a list or add to the initial thoughts which you have already created. I’ll supply a suggestion list of group shots with family and friends. It’s much easier to determine the list of group shots ahead of time than to rush around on the day looking for uncle Dave! This help the couple to create their own list as every family is different. The list makes the photo session much more organised and it can fit into a shorter time slot which gives you more time to socialise with your guests, after all, that’s what a wedding day is all about!


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