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Pinterest Wedding Day

Planning one of your life most important days can be indeed quite stressful, but it can also be very enjoyable at the same time. There are a lot of places where you can find great ideas. One of them is definitely Pinterest. This great web board inspired one of the brides-to-be, Amy. In her spare time, she looked through Pinterest wedding ideas, very quickly realizing the concepts she liked, and how she would like her wedding day to look. When we met on Amy’s pre-wedding photography session, she instantly knew what she wanted, and shared with me the things she found on Pinterest, that have inspired her. I was carefully listening, and immediately I had some nice images in my mind of how I would like to capture her Big Day from all these concepts. Studying different types of pictures throughout Pinterest of moments such as: Engagement, pre-wedding photo sessions, love pictures, helped Amy and Scott. It also made it easier for them to interact throughout the photo session. They are not just a very lovely couple but, also a fantastic team, and strong companions.

When I arrived at the wedding venue Hawkesyard Hall, on Saturday afternoon for the preparation part. Amy was in the Ceremony room finishing the small touches of the decorations. When I walked in to the room I was blown away! The Ceremony and the Reception rooms looked amazing. She did a marvelous job, and really did create her dream wedding day. After I captured all the beautiful decorations during her final touches to the rooms, I had a chat with Amy, asking her how she achieved this stunning design. She happily admitted, that is was a great, and an exciting thing to plan and do, however she also mentioned a few disappointments. There are many decorations which are only available in a specific country. The realization that unfortunately many of the things she wanted were not shipped to the UK, was frustrating. This has happened to the idea of Amy’s flowers. She saw some lovely ones on Pinterest but later, after a long search she found out that these desired flowers were only grown in Australia, so there was no way to have them fresh in the UK. Despite this, The Bride ended up with even more beautiful flowers, and a bouquet on her wedding day. Now I am inviting you to look through this fantastic wedding day, which may inspire you for some great ideas for your Big Day. Enjoy!

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